Shujun Huang and Jet Li both tried “Black Shield Anti-Gravity Equipment”, almost 3 million spectators

Recently,The Live Planet(星球直播间) officially camped in Pepper Live(花椒直播), and invited a number of super stars to try the most advanced technology products. Vsensory Co. ltd, a famous developer in the field of VR technology, provided“Black Shield Anti-Gravity Equipment”for Live Planet. After two times living show, there were almost 2 million spectators , became more and more attractive to the players.

On 14th August, Shujun Huang, one of the Chinese pop music godfathers, was invited to try the equipment firstly. And then Jet Li, most famous international film star, also tried “Black Shield Anti-Gravity Equipment”, this was the first VR experience of his life.

Shujun Huang said, made him completely into a new world, and also made him fully incarnate for another role. could let people think about Space-time transmission gate in Hollywood movies. Jet Li told us that he felt the unique charm of VR during his first time playing. He was very excited that made him exposed in a new virtual world.


The editor had also tried “Black Shield Anti-Gravity Equipment”in the office of Vsensory Co, ltd. The player could control the vehicle in VR environment through the balance sheet composed of air pressure machine. If your body pressed forward, then you flied straightly; if your body pressed left, then you flied to left direction. You could control the weapon with VIVE hand controllers. could be described as unique in the field of VR game, which had unique alien environment and best operational experience.

As Kevin Xiuchao Chen, Founder of Vsensory Co, ltd, introduced, the equipment was the first engineering machine version at present, and Vsensory would output a commercial version of the equipment after three iterations. The commercial equipment would have physical mechanical structure. Then “Anti-Gravity Equipment” with magnetic suspension would be the next product. Also VR arcade would be opened through cooperation, directional operation and many kinds of other ways.

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